Most Senior Blogger

Posted by Kat

My name is Alice Shevitz, nickname “Kat” and I think I’m the most Senior Blogger at the new Utility Fog Blog.  I am Assistant Editor at Utility Fog Press as a result of meeting it’s wonderful Editor, Mr. Edwin Rydberg at  I assisted in editing Assassin’s Canon, a book of exciting assassination short stories by other authors from

I am the author of several poems and short stories published by Long Story Short. The URL to the story is  I have published humor in The Saturday Evening Post and I am a Preferred Author and Rising Star Sponsor at, a website dedicated to and supported by authors worldwide. Learn more about Alice Shevitz at “Kat’s Korner for Writers and Readers” at: and at My other Blog can be found at

I will be bringing blogs to Utility Fog Blog from a more senior viewpoint.  Notice I said “senior”, not older.  My life reminds me, at times, of some of the great science fiction movies and books I’ve come across over the years.  Actually, Twilight Zone, would be putting it more accurately. 

The science fiction genre is not my first home, but I have been made to feel at home there thanks to the wonderful people at Utility Fog Press.

My blogs will be more about my daily life, the views I see from here (in my 60’s!), and my experiences along this unpredictable journey.

I think my outlook (in the day-to-day living of life) will be markedly different than the other wonderfully younger folk here, but I know that there are others out there, who, like me, love experiencing a world that we’ve not grown comfortable in yet … a world filled with new imaginings and other-worldly events … a world we are only now realizing may, indeed, be the world of the future.

I hope you enjoy seeing me around here.  I look forward to seeing and hearing from you.