Posted by Sarah Holroyd

As this is my first post, I suppose introductions are in order. I’m Sarah, the copy editor for Utility Fog Press. I met Edwin through the website Writing.com and have been involved with the press nearly from its beginning. I’ve worked on all three anthologies published to date, and I plan to have my fingers in many more to come. I enjoy reading the works of new authors with each anthology, and I look forward to the opportunity to help polish each story so that it shines from the pages. I’m quite proud of the work we do, and the opportunity the anthologies present for new and established authors. In addition to my work with Utility Fog Press, I freelance as a copy editor and proofreader, both for independent authors and for small publishers. I’m also beginning to push into the field of interior book design using Adobe InDesign. My first design effort (A Dickens Christmas: A Christmas Carol and Other Stories) is available through CreateSpace and Amazon.com. I’ve published a couple of my own short stories, and continue to try to find homes for others. I have a couple of novels in progress, and perhaps someday I’ll actually finish one of them. Until then, I live vicariously through the authors whose manuscripts see publication with my assistance, and although these works aren’t exactly my “babies,” I have a growing shelf of such “nieces and nephews.”