To Be Franks

Posted by Jason Franks

Hey all, and welcome to Utility Fog.
I’m Jason Franks, a writer of genre fiction and comics probably best known for the graphic novel The Sixsmiths (SLG Publishing 2010). I write fiction in most of the genres: SF, fantasy, horror, crime. Often in a comedic way; just as often not. I am also the publisher of the small press comics imprint Blackglass Press, which is best known for the Kagemono series of horror anthologies.
My story ‘XDA Zai: TheWild Hunt’ appears in the Assassin’s Canon anthology. My friend Joshua Reynolds, pulp writer extraordinaire, brought the existence of the book to my attention while Edwin was looking for submissions and it seemed as if it was going to be right up my alley. Fromt he outset I was impressed by the inclusiveness of the guidelines: it didn’t matter which genres the story engaged, so long as it was in theme.
Genre is always a bugbear of mine. My work often tends to fall into multiple genres and, the way the market has narrowed and splintered, this can often make it hard to place. I “XDA Zai: The Wild Hunt” overlaps the SF, fantasy and travel genres in equal proportion… and I hope that it has some funny moments, too.
Perhaps I will talk more about the story in a future post, but that’s who I am and why I am here.
— Jason Franks