Welcome, from Edwin H Rydberg

Posted by Edwin H Rydberg

Welcome to the new Utility Fog Press blog. I’m founder and chief editor of Utility Fog Press, Edwin H Rydberg. I’m predominantly a science fiction writer and digital artist when not compiling anthologies. I also dabble in web design and comics.

I originally established Utility Fog Press as an outlet for some of the better amateur writing I saw on Writing.com. This was the entire focus of the Farspace 1 anthology. Since then Utility Fog Press has produced two other anthologies: Assassins’ Canon and Farspace 2 that include some truly excellent new stories from up and coming writers around the world.

Realizing that Utility Fog Press had attracted a wide variety of writers, editors and publishers, from such varied locations as Canada, US, UK, and Australia, and that out experiences might be interesting to other amateurs/semi-pros, we have come together to jointly produce the new Utilty Fog Press blog.

In addition to bringing you updates on Utility Fog Press business, our goal is to share some of our story creation experiences, personal insights into the process, as well as giving our impressions of events we attend around the globe. We also hope to build a community of writers after all, this can be a lonely business, but it doesn’t have to be.

We’d be happy if you followed us in our journey, and hopefully we will all learn something from one another.