If you’re like most of the writers we work with, you have an experience you want to communicate or a story you want to share, there is something, some creative message driving you to write a book. But you don’t just want to write a book and leave it in the drawer never to be read. You want to publish it, you want to share it with the world.

But There's Something Stopping You

You’re full of amazing ideas and a beautiful vision of what your creation could be, but it’s just not working the way you envisioned. Perhaps…

  • the vision in your head isn’t the one that reaches the page
  • you’re dream book has a less than inspiring cover
  • you’ve been unable to design the interior to match your vision
  • you don’t know how to turn your manuscript into a published book
  • you’ve released your book to a deafening silence

Each step feels like it’s stopped by a new road block. Does this sound familiar?

We Can Help

Utility Fog Press can help you regardless of which step you’re at in the indie publishing process. We have been developing our skills and networks since 2008 and we can happily do the following for you:

  • prepare your manuscript for publication
  • produce the files for e-book and print
  • create attractive, eye-catching covers
  • upload your files to online publishers and distributors
  • provide an online platform for showcasing you and your book
  • recommend editors and providers for services we don’t manage
  • provide author networking opportunities
  • connect you with writing mentors
  • provide consulting for DIY-ers
  • provide you with friendly, patient, personalized service

We’re founded by and work with indie authors and we want to provide as many of the services and opportunities that you might need to reach success. 

A Word About Affiliates

Throughout our articles and on some platforms, we use affiliate or sponsor links. These are to help offset our costs and keep our services affordable to you. We only promote affiliates or sponsors that we use and believe in ourselves.

The Next Step is Yours

Every article on this website and each resource and service we provide was created to make your experience as an indie author easier and more fulfilling.

To help you get started effectively or check that you’re on the right track, we have a FREE e-book you can download. 

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