The State of Self-Publishing in 2021

Utility Fog Press entered the self-publishing landscape in 2008 with our first anthology Farspace 1. At that time, the print-on-demand model of self-publishing was still in its infancy. While that...

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Our Views on Free Speech

A letter of intent was recently signed by hundreds of American publishing professionals that would, in effect, silence one side of the political discussion. Utility Fog Press has a significantly...

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The 3 C’s of Book Marketing

It’s not long after publishing your first book that you, as a self-published author, will realise your job is only just begun and that you have an entirely new skill-set...

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Anatomy of a Book

A book is a wonderful, powerful artifact that has changed lives and nations. Even before Gutenburg’s invention of the printing press they were powerful things (witness thousands of years of...

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5 Reasons to Consider Self-Publishing

The 2010s have seen an explosion in self-publishing technologies and platforms. Despite this, a strong stigma against self-publishing still exists among authors and readers. But there are so many advantages...

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