Three Reasons to Consider YouTube in Your Promotion Strategy

Are you an independent author looking for new channels for promotion in this new normal? Our Indie Book Showcase could just be one you’d like to add. Whether it’s our Author Talk interview series or creating your own video to send us for upload to our Spotlight On episodes, we are building a channel to support indie authors like yourself.

I grew up in rural Canada where my family had one television channel (the national station). That was the norm even after I moved away to university. Now, with the internet and streaming video, we are overwhelmed by choice.

And I love it.

It could be because of the lack of TV show selection in my youth. Or maybe I just love that technology enables anyone to produce their own content and find an audience. Regardless, I love the idea of streaming independently produced video and, despite its flaws, few marry the two together better than YouTube. None have greater reach.

Because of this, one of the goal for our Indie Book Showcase is to build a strong subscriber base on YouTube. That way we can provide an available audience for independent authors from anywhere writing in any genre.

But this won’t happen by our efforts alone. We need authors to share in this and below are three reasons why you should consider working with us. 

1. Lots of content means more views

We’re developing our Indie Book Showcase YouTube channel as a showcase for independent authors from around the world. We’re small now, but all those interviews, book trailers, and Spotlights will mean we will be a common resource for readers the world over.

While you can create your own YouTube channel (and, if that’s your thing, then we definitely encourage you to do so), we are building ours so you don’t have to. As a common resources, each author who shows our interviews to their fans will bring us potential subscribers. More authors means subscribers, which means more potential views for all the videos on the channel.

It’s a win-win for everyone!

2. A ready-made online venue for promotion

In many parts of the world (such as the UK, where we’re based) there is a new normal that’s being created by our governments. Broader powers of lockdown mean that local governments can lockdown their towns and cancel events whenever they consider it necessary.

That’s a lot of uncertainty to put on a launch event that most likely would never break-even to begin with.

While live events will return to some degree, it appears the new normal will be online meetings and conventions. Our YouTube channel is ready-made to be part of your launch strategy. Just send us an e-mail and we’ll do our best to discuss your needs.

3. We're free

We don’t charge you for being interviewed on the Author Talk series or even if you’d like us to upload a spotlight video (we do reserve the right to refuse, primarily for reasons of: 1) quality – we can give suggestions to improve if this is the case, 2) content – while we support free speech far more than most these days, we have to obey YouTube’s T&C, 3) if you’re not an independent author). If author collaborations and audio readings are more your thing, you could also try our Campfire Stories (still free!).

Bonus: Lucky no. 4

Indie Book Showcase will be developing paid-for marketing and promotion packages in the future. We like working with people we know and can trust (don’t worry, we also like meeting new authors) so we often offer those people reduced rates on such packages.

What about you?

As we develop our services, both on YouTube and elsewhere, we’d love to hear from you about what your needs are. Why not come by our FaceBook page, the Utility Fog Forum, and let us know your thoughts. Or you can join our newsletter that gives you access to our members-only Facebook group.

Three Reasons to Consider YouTube in Your Promotion Strategy
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